Supornova Fansubs
Dedicating to fansubbing Japanese Foreign Media since summer 0f 2007.


Flashman 5 and 6 out 😀

ginge_ranger x


6 Responses to “Release”

  1. you teaming up with DFF for this?

  2. About damn time!!

    • Excuse me Mr Grande, I make releases when I want to make them and will not be held to account by anyone else…

  3. Are you going to skip to 8 after this since Dead Fish has done 7?

  4. Thanks a lot gingeranger but can you check the download links, they can’t be opened..

  5. Hi, I happen to have the scripts for the first two episodes of Spielban. You wouldn’t know anybody who might be interested in subbing them would you? I know DFF did the first episode but not the second.

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