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Flashman 5 and 6 out 😀

ginge_ranger x


Hey guys! Looking to find me some new staff 🙂

Need a dedicated timer and an encoder! Will be to work on Kanon and some loose ends I have been sitting on 🙂

Also looking for a translator as always!!!

If you are interested then please get in touch either by e-mailing or sending me a PM on HJU! 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!



Release of the first episode of DaiMaijin Kanon! Totally weird series but I love it 🙂


Props to Tehkou of for allowing us to use his translations!


Enjoy 🙂


Bout time! Finally managed to put all of our hard work into action and get this episode out.

Choushinsei Flashman Episode 4 is out!

Get it while its HAAAT!



Realised something at the weekend, today (31st August 2009) it the two year anniversary of when I first started this group. Now take a look at the site and the number of releases, you’re probably thinking WHAT?! Two years and I haven’t really accomplished much. But hopefully in another two years time I’ll be able to look back and be proud of what I have done. Still pretty happy with how things have turned out 🙂

Anyways, enough sentimental CRAP! Back to what you really want to see. And what exactly is that? Choushinsei Flashman Episode 3? Well get it here first folks!

I’d love to hear from you about your views on the show and on the actual subs themselves. Always looking for ways I can improve 🙂

As usual much love,




Want to learn a little bit more about the Flashman team? ME TOO! Find out with our latest release:

Choushinsei Flashman Episode 2

Start your weekend with a Flash!

Btw just to note that the epic raws for this series are being provided by the guys over at Tokuraws! If you don’t know where to find their stuff have a look on the staff page for a link to their site!



My last release was June 2008. Supornova died a major death. But I’m back. The projects I did before are behind me, and I’m back with a new translator and a new project. So what’s this new project? Well it would be:

Choushinsei Flashman!

And guess what? Episode 1 is now out! We’re gonna strive to work on this show and get it subbed in full.

As usual we are always looking for new staff. Especially since the translator has big plans for the group, I can not work on them all though. So we’d happy to take on anyone who can live up to the translators dreams! Let me know what you think of our new project and we hope to see you soon.

Supornova is back baby! Yours truely,




Okay so I haven’t posted in over three months … closer to 4 actually!!!

Why is that? Well I don’t want to be one of those people who posts every detail of their life on the net! Work for summer caught me offguard was doing mega shifts … had no time to breathe never mind fansub. Then when it all began to calm down I had a sudden bereavement to deal with then in the last few weeks I started university which has been hard going as well!

But I am here to say I am NOT dead! Ohranger 2 and 3 DVD versions are nearly complete and Dairanger 4 (unless I am mistaken …. totally out of the loop at the moment due to lack of net time!) should be out soon-ish as well (will advise when I can!).

Anyway I hope you continue your support of the group!! Any questions just leave a comment.

Oh and for the jackass comments I have received recently …. read the fucking messages I post! Maskman was dropped officially. END OF! No discussion! I may start it up again in the future but it needs a dedicated translator first. And for those who complain I’m slow … read the above post!

Much love,



yayyeee for release!

Now most of you who watched the DVD version of Choriki Sentai Ohranger episode 1 would have noticed the totally kickass awesome star used for Oh Red, created by none other than typesetting genius zeldAIS of Skewed Studios and TV Nihon. Well I tried my best for the other four and I think I have mastered assdraw! How awesome? Want to see:


Its a standard version, not a DVD.  I’m still looking for someone to provide DVD raws for the series. If you can provide these, leave a message 😉

And for those who were wondering, there are NO missing lines 😉

Lots of love,



Episode 1 of Oh failed to meet the approval of many people because of the lack of DVD quality. Well so far I have only one episode in DVD quality and that doesn’t look set to change so unless someone wants to rip from their DVD collections for me, releases after episode 1 will continue the regular quality.

But enough about that, the main reason why I’m posting is because:


The differences: few grammatical errors have been snuffed out, some new typesetting added in (thank you AIS for introducing me to ASSdraw) and a preview.

Have fun!